6672 Fall Stream
September 2, 2017

6672 Fall Stream
September 2, 2017

Write-up: Nancy Coleman
Leader: Nancy Coleman
Co-Leader: Mary Pat Connors

On a chilly Fall like day, only 2 Tramps, besides the leader, showed up for a beautiful, relaxing kayak on Fall Stream. It was 52 degrees when we entered the water. The three of us dawdled hoping it would warm up.  It turned out to be a perfect day for a kayak ride. The sun was warm, we remained dry, and it wasn’t windy, so we were very comfortable.

There is a rather substantial beaver dam within sight of the launch. I was really glad we had scouted out the trip. We were able to launch upstream from the dam. On Tuesday, Tom and I had been able to pass over two dams without getting out of our kayaks. By Saturday the water level had gone down 2 or 3 inches, just enough to warrant us having to get out and portage across. The 6 dams we had to cross were all do-able. Except for 1 we were able to return without getting out of our boats.

Fall Stream quickly takes you away from civilization. What a respite! We spent the day with sandpipers, a great blue heron, cedar waxwings, dragon flies, darning needles, pickerel weed, lilly pads, frogs and cardinal flowers. The water was like glass and the reflections were exquisite. The leaves are already starting to change and added so much color to the vistas.

We paddled to Fall Lake and into Vly Lake. The dams did us in. We didn’t even attempt Mud Lake. We wonder if there are any beaver dams between Vly and Mud Lakes.We counted seven beaver dams. I’m not sure how many beaver lodges there were.
I lost count. The beavers are busy. Joan saw and heard something at a lodge. If it wasn’t a beaver, it was a really huge fish.

We all really enjoyed this trip. In the future, if you’re looking for a kayak getaway, don’t be scared away by the beavers. This is a gem.

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