6726 – Chateaugay State Forest –
February 25, 2018

6726 – Chateaugay State Forest –
February 25, 2018

Write-up: Jerry Stewart
Leader: Jerry Stewart
Co-leader: Lori Waterman

I know you are all wondering, so how did your outing to Chateaugay go?
Cold and rainy, who would possibly go?









Five intrepid outdoorsmen kept the faith and braved the elements for a great adventure. The weather cooperated for the most part, into the woods the wind was a non-issue. Misty rain at times but that didn’t stop us. Two on skis, 3 on snow shoes and off we went. The first picture you see is a little foreshadowing of what was to come for me. My job as leader is to make the outing interesting and I believe I did that in my own personal style.

The scenery through the woods is nice, small streams abound and tall trees make for easy viewing through the woods. The trail was fairly flat but did provide a few opportunities for me to demonstrate ski daredevilry. The snow wasn’t snowplow friendly so hills were to be taken with no brakes. I shot down one hill and flew over the bridge, much to the amusement of the group.

We stopped at various places to chat and share stories. When we scouted this Saturday, I gave Lori the trail name “Sacajawea,” the famed Indian guide of Lewis and Clark exploring the West. She found small snow bridges over the streams which kept us dry and moving forward. A little unnerving while crossing but added to the adventure. Some of you may know I’m quite a George of the Jungle fan. For my last trick I went down a hill, missed the curve and swung my arm around a small tree so I flew up in the air and back down with my George grip tight around the tree to avoid the waters beyond. Sorry, no pictures of that.

We stopped after at the Florence Hotel.
We visited with the owner who had many stories to share. The picture is of the church near the hotel. She told of how such a small community raised 60k to have it matched by someone to save it from ruin. She told of spirit happenings and her famous fish fry. Lori and I stayed to sample her fish, mm mm. I know what you’re thinking after reading this. How can so much happen on a day like that. Actually, is was like most things in life, something you just had to be there to appreciate. Hop out of the chair, come along and find out what you’re missing out on. Better weather just around the corner, such adventures to be had. See you on the trail.




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