6690 – Inspiration Point/Kaaterskill Falls – October 29, 2017

6690 – Inspiration Point/Kaaterskill Falls – October 29, 2017

Write-up: Bobbie Scarpino
Leader: Bobbie Scarpino
Co-Leader: Carolyn Eastman

10 Tramps

A major rain storm along with flash floods, and high winds were forecasted, so it was no surprise when the Tramps woke up to a drizzly dismal gray day at our motel in Leeds, NY. Certainly there was no “inspiration” for climbing an escarpment with nothing but a fog vista upon reaching the top! Dick and Mary Lou bailed before morning and the co-leader and her roommates disappeared at dawn! Those left behind decided that we could brave the elements to scout out the Rip Van Winkle Motel grounds for future accommodations. A most difficult .33 hike led us to the various cottages and cabins, all well-kept and reasonably priced. At one point our group became separated, never to see each other again. But fear not, the two groups miraculously came to the same intersection of the trail at the same time. Our arduous hike was cause to travel down the road a few miles for breakfast at Betty’s . . . wonderful omelettes, pancakes, and French toast! With steadier rain falling, we packed our bags and left for home. All agreed that we should return to the Rip Van Winkle Motel for a weekend of hiking in this area of the Catskills. The accommodations are conveniently located a half mile from the thruway, simple, but spacious, clean, well-kept rooms and friendly, helpful staff.

Jerry encouraged a few to drive up the road about 10 miles to the Cohotate Preserve in Athens, NY. The rain was only a mere drizzle as we turned into the trailhead for a 1.5 mile loop hike that took us down to the banks of the Hudson River. “Cohotate” means “where the river flows in two directions.” Although it wasn’t noticeable while we were there, this is where the water flowing north from the Atlantic meets the water flowing south from the Adirondacks. We had a nice view of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge and in the distance church bells were playing. We took that opportunity to offer up a prayer for a fellow Tramp and thank God for all the special people in our lives.


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